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Site Reliability in the Serverless Age: DevOpsDays Boston 2018

|November 1, 2018|

Our CEO Erik Peterson, recently gave a talk “Site Reliability in the Serverless Age” at DevOpsDays Boston. In this talk he shared his perspectives on the following:

  • Serverless is not just FaaS; it’s a spectrum
  • The new world is where the cloud is the computer, the cloud provider is the OS and serverless is the native code
  • What does serverless reliability really mean?
  • How does reliability impact DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)?

He also takes a deeper dive into topics such as

  • SLO and SLA Management
  • Tracking complete system costs and why that is critical
  • Observability vs. monitoring
  • The interplay of cost and architecture

And most importantly his prediction for a new emerging DevOps tribe: FinDevOps - a combination of development and finance practices operating on the premise that cost is a first class metric, and where developers can see in the implications of their actions on cost - in real time. This cultural change has already begun to emerge.

Listen to CloudZero CEO Erik Peterson’s talk at DevOpsDays Boston.

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