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Discover and Monitor Your Real Kubernetes and Container Costs

Accurate, automatic allocation of Kubernetes costs in the context of your business. Kubernetes cost monitoring for cloud forward companies.


Reveal the details of your Kubernetes costs hidden inside your AWS bill

A monthly bill with a line item for EKS and a bunch of EC2 instances doesn’t provide any context about the workloads being orchestrated. CloudZero automatically correlates pod CPU and memory usage with costs to give you detailed breakdowns of real cost by cluster, namespace, or pod down to the hour. No manual allocation rules, no blind-spots.

With CloudZero Kubernetes cost monitoring, you'll understand exactly how your container costs break down - and how they roll up to your products, features, and teams along with your other AWS services. 


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 Container Innovation with Cost Awareness

CloudZero integrates with CloudWatch Container Insights, an AWS service that collects, aggregates, and summarizes metrics and logs from containerized applications and microservices running in AWS. By combining real-time container utilization data with your actual AWS costs and the context about your business, you get accurate allocation of costs within a Kubernetes cluster to the things that matter to you - products and features, teams, environments.




Automatic Cost Allocation

Understand orchestrated workload costs without writing complex, manual allocation rules. Then, easily filter and explore the cost of your pods, namespaces, and clusters. 

Costs in Business Context

See how costs in Kubernetes concepts - like namespaces and pods - map to things that matter to your business - like products and features. 

Complete COGS Insight

Containers are just one aspect of your costs. By allocating them to products and features, you can understand how your containerized and non-containerized infrastructure combines in the total cost to build and run products.  Better visibility into cost means more control and fewer surprises. 

Get visibility into your container and Kubernetes costs.

Understand the costs of your product features, whether they're containerized or not.