CloudZero, the leading cloud cost intelligence company, today announced integrations with MongoDB, Databricks, and New Relic. Customers of these three vendors can now seamlessly combine this cost data with all other cloud expenditures, including major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP), Snowflake, Kubernetes, and more. This builds on CloudZero’s existing AnyCost™️ support, which offers a flexible integration framework for customers to ingest any billing data and transform it into a single data model. Customers can then organize spend to match their business and derive strategic insights to strengthen their unit economics.

“Public cloud usage is only getting more specialized as time goes on,” said Erik Peterson, founder and CTO of CloudZero. “Services and management tools available in the cloud are occupying a bigger and bigger slice of organizations’ cloud bills. For cloud cost platforms, that means it’s no longer good enough to capture only one type of spend. While our customers are already monitoring a slew of cost data beyond the major three cloud providers, this release will make it easier to add additional infrastructure spend in a matter of clicks.”

With this announcement, CloudZero deepens their commitment to helping organizations connect the dots between spend, technical decisions, and business outcomes. The platform shows customers their spend in business dimensions, such as product features, customers, and unit costs. Customers can apply logical rules and unit cost telemetry to gain deep visibility into spend drivers. This equips companies to manage cost, maximize profitability, and drive efficient innovation.

“The visibility that CloudZero provides has driven meaningful savings and helped us to proactively control cost across our AWS and GCP environments,” said Bala Viswanathan, vice president of cloud operations at Demandbase. “Lower cloud costs mean stronger SaaS metrics and more money we can reinvest in innovation. As New Relic users, we’re excited that CloudZero is continuing to expand their integration offerings, so we can gain an even more complete picture of how our spend connects with our business.”

As specialized offerings continue to proliferate in the cloud ecosystem, CloudZero’s integrations ensure that customers have easy access to a unified, accurate understanding of their total cloud spend.

These integrations are available now. For more information and to request a demo, visit

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