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Map Cloud Costs to Features, Products, and Teams

Understand the cost of building and running your products. Control margins. Use AWS cost optimization to make better product strategy and pricing decisions.


Our AWS cost optimization solution shows you how your cloud spend powers your business.  

Business value isn't measured by the total amount you spend on EC2. That's why CloudZero shows you grouping of cloud cost that align with your business KPIs, like features, customers, development teams, and more.

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Freedom Dumlao

With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console.

Freedom Dumlao | Chief Architect, Drift

Freedom Dumlao

We were trying to get this information with raw tags in AWS, but it was never accurate. It’s empowering to share that data with the individual product owners, so their teams can take ownership of their costs.

Freedom Dumlao | Chief Architect, Drift


Untangle Your Cloud Cost 

Your cloud bill is complicated. That complexity leads to time-draining efforts to manage  
manual tagging or build reports and dashboards. Add in some untaggable or shared resources, and you'll probably find yourself in a good old fashioned spreadsheet. 
CloudZero makes AWS cost optimization effortless and automatic, letting you explore costs with ease.

Skip the "stop everything and fix your tags" step

Sure, splitting costs up by product or feature might not be that hard if your tags are perfect. For the rest of us, CloudZero uses machine learning to automatically detect related resources and overlay tags, so you can get organized without spending hours or getting other teams involved.

Understand what’s changing, why, and what to do about it.

When a single feature doubles your costs or cuts your margins in half, you need answers. CloudZero gives you the data to understand and correct costs fast.

Make cost-informed product strategy decisions

When you understand your COGS, you can make decisions about which tech debt to tackle, which feature to drop, or which pricing strategy to adopt. 


The CloudZero Platform is the only platform that helps you quickly organize your costs.



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