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Cost Per Customer
Cost Per Customer Analysis

Understand your cloud unit economics and measure cost per customer

Kubernetes Cost Analysis
Kubernetes Cost Analysis

Discover and monitor your real Kubernetes and container costs

Unit Cost Analysis
Unit Cost Analysis

Measure and monitor the unit metrics that matter most to your business

Cost Allocation
Tagging And Cost Allocation

Allocate cost and gain cost visibility even if your tagging isn’t perfect

SaaS COGS Measurement

Identify and measure your software COGS

Engineering Cost Awareness
Engineering Cost Awareness

Decentralize cost decisions to your engineering teams

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Cost Optimization

Automatically identify wasted spend, then proactively build cost-effective infrastructure

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All Your Cloud Spend, In One View

CloudZero ingests data from AWS, GCP, Azure, Snowflake, Kubernetes, and more

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Compare pricing and get advice on AWS services including EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, and more

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How SeatGeek Measures Cost Per Customer

Discover how SeatGeek decoded its AWS bill and measures cost per customer

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How Skyscanner Creates A Cost-Aware Culture

Learn how Skyscanner decentralized cloud cost to their engineering teams

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How Malwarebytes Measures Cost Per Customer

Learn how Malwarebytes measures cloud cost per product

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How Remitly Shifts Cloud Costs Left

Learn how Remitly built an engineering culture of cost autonomy

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How Ninjacat Combines AWS And Snowflake Spend

Discover how Ninjacat uses cloud cost intelligence to inform business decisions

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How Smartbear Uses Cloud Cost To Inform GTM Strategies

Learn Smartbear optimized engineering use and inform go-to-market strategies

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Blue Dots Cost Intelligence Orange Dots

Cost Allocation Without Perfect Tags

CloudZero meets you where you are in your tagging strategy — providing immediate visibility whether your tags are perfect, or a total mess.

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Organize Cloud Cost Into New Dimensions

Most cost platforms rely on tags as the primary source of truth. Between untagged, untaggable, and shared resources — not to mention containerized or multi-tenant infrastructure — tagging can quickly turn into a never-ending project. With CloudZero, imperfect tags are never a barrier to cost intelligence.


Get The Outcome Of Months Worth Of Work In Hours

CloudZero CostFormation® organizes your spend in the same way you would define infrastructure as code — in a YAML file, using a proprietary domain-specific language. We start by ingesting whatever tags you have. Then, because the CloudZero platform enriches your cost data with AWS services metadata, Kubernetes, Container Insights, and more, you can slice and dice in more flexible ways than ever before.

Eliminate Tagging

Transform Spend Into Relevant Cost Dimensions

Each time you organize your spend in a new way in CloudZero, it’s called a CloudZero Dimension. CloudZero Dimensions aren’t reports or dashboards — you can interact. You can explore, drill down, and get anomaly alerts based on Dimensions like teams, environment, products, features, and more.

Understand Cost In Dimensions

Allocate Untagged And Untaggable Resources

With CloudZero, you won’t be limited to what’s taggable in AWS. You can allocate spend in a way that maps to your business, whether it’s containerized, shared, multi-tenant, and more.

Focus And Prioritize Your Tagging Strategy

CloudZero will provide you with visibility into your current tags, so you can easily understand where you have gaps. Then, you can either tag it or group based on other attributes.

Tag Overview
Any Cost Source

Ingest Any Cost Source

All The Costs That Impact Your Bottom Line

CloudZero ingests data from cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, plus software platforms like New Relic, MongoDB, Databricks, and Snowflake.

Unify all costs in a common data format, and determine exactly what it costs to deliver your customers value.

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"One of the first things CloudZero helped us do is identify things that weren’t properly tagged. We were able to either delete or switch things off — or tag what we wanted to keep so we could understand those costs moving forward."

Greg Farrow

Principal Technical Architect, ResponseTap

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ResponseTap Orange Dots
Expert Cloud Cost Coaching

Receive Expert Services For Tagging Initiatives

Tags are one of the ways CloudZero can organize spend – and if you decide it’s a priority, you’ll be paired with an expert Cost Intelligence Analyst to help you choose an approach, decide what to tag, and build Dimensions.


Free Guide

How To Overcome Tagging And Accelerate Cloud Cost Allocation

Discover how you can accelerate cloud cost allocation, including the tagging challenges you face and the solutions to solve them.

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Our previous solution was good at looking at resource tags — like every cost solution is — but it was CloudZero that helped us to easily and accurately map cost to our products. We can also better understand our unit costs."

Shawn Lopresto

DevOps Architect, Malwarebytes

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Malwarebytes Orange Dots

Financial Control And Predictibility In The Cloud

Eliminate wasteful spending, ship efficient code, and innovate profitably - all in one platform.

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