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Uncover Your Cloud Cost Unit Economics and Cost per Customer on AWS

Align AWS cost to the metrics that matter to your business — such as cost per customer, product features, and however else you measure your business value.


Your cloud bill is your cost of goods sold, yet many companies still don’t have a grasp on it.

When software is the core of the value you deliver to customers, cloud cost has a massive impact on one of your top financial metrics — your margins.

Yet, many businesses don’t have a firm grasp on their cloud unit economics, such as which features and customers are driving their cost — or how cost breaks down by unit of business value like cost per tenant or cost per-transaction.

These metrics can impact everything from your valuation at your next fundraise to your ability to withstand competitive pricing pressure — so getting a deep understanding of your cost is essential.



The CloudZero Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform provides insight into unit economics and the cost of each of your customers.


The CloudZero Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform transforms AWS costs into the metrics that matter to your business — without manual tagging or a dedicated cloud cost economics team. You can zoom all the way out to track the cost of delivering your whole product to your entire user base for the year - or all the way down to the cost of a specific feature for an individual customer on a given day.


You’ll have a uniquely powerful understanding of costs in the context of your business that will transform your next Board meeting, pricing discussion, or pitch to investors.



Measure AWS Cost per Tenant 

Measure the profitability of each of your customers and which features drive their cost over time.

AWS Cost Per Tenant200


Monitor Cost per Product, Feature, and Dev Team

CloudZero will align your total spend with your customers. This helps you give relevant cost intelligence to the dev teams working on different product features.


AWS Cost Per Product Feature



Measure Cost per Unit of Value

Cost per interaction, cost per transaction, cost per event - whatever metrics rule your business can be analyzed in the context of their cost with CloudZero.

Cloud Unit Economics200


With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console.

Freedom Dumlao | Chief Architect, Drift


CloudZero Is Uniquely Able To Correlate Shared Resources With Activity

The reason why these metrics are so hard to get is that you can’t just get them from your AWS bill. In a multi-tenant SaaS environment, compute, storage, bandwidth, and other resources are shared among tenants. A cost and usage report can tell you which resources were used in a given month, but it can’t tell you who used them and when. To answer that, you need to combine cost data with activity data — and CloudZero’s unique data correlation process pulls them both together for you without the need for a complex custom effort that your engineers will need to maintain.

Skip the "stop everything and fix your tags" step.

Sure, splitting costs up by product or feature might not be that hard if your tags are perfect. For the rest of us, CloudZero uses machine learning to automatically detect related resources and overlay tags, so you can get organized without spending hours or getting other teams involved.

Understand what’s changing, why, and what to do about it.

When a single feature doubles your costs or cuts your margins in half, you need answers. CloudZero gives you the data to understand and correct costs fast.

Make cost-informed product strategy decisions.

When you understand your COGS, you can make decisions about which tech debt to tackle, which feature to drop, or which pricing strategy to adopt.


See Our Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform

CloudZero helps you control your most important business metrics — your margins — by delivering cloud cost intelligence to engineering teams.



See for Yourself

With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console.

Freedom Dumlao Chief Architect, Drift