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Understand Your Cloud Unit Economics and Measure Cost per Customer on AWS

Align AWS cost to your business. Get granular visibility into exactly where you're spending, and make informed decisions.


Cloud spend shouldn't feel like a black box.

A growing cloud bill is a sign of a growing company, but without context, it's impossible to know if you're investing wisely.

When it comes time to report on cloud spend, your leadership team doesn't care about EC2 versus Lambda spend. They want to know the cost and ROI of your company's products, initiatives, and customers. 


CloudZero translates cloud cost data into the language of your business. 

CloudZero delivers relevant, contextualized cloud cost intelligence to your engineering teams and cost stakeholders. 

Without manual tagging effort, CloudZero organizes costs across different dimensions, such as products, features, development teams, customers, KPIs, and more — even when your environment is containerized.  Armed with cloud cost intelligence, you can make informed design tradeoffs to build profitable software.




Measure average cost per customer

Understand how your average cost per customer is trending over time, so you'll know whether your unit economics are improving as you grow.


Michael Weinberg

For our financial planning and revenue teams, they get a report that says this is how much it costs to service the Cavs — or a little theater. They can approach the sales or renewal process a lot more intelligently. Having that information without a lot of back and forth is huge for them.

Michael Weinberg | Infrastructure Engineering Manager, SeatGeek


Understand the cost of each individual customer by feature

With CloudZero, you'll be able to see which of your customers are driving the majority of your costs — so you can make informed decisions about pricing and renewals.



Measure cost per product, feature, and dev team

CloudZero will align your total spend with your customers. This helps you give relevant cost intelligence to the dev teams working on different product features.


AWS Cost Per Product Feature



Measure cost per unit of value

Cost per interaction, cost per transaction, cost per event — whatever metrics rule your business can be analyzed in the context of their cost with CloudZero.

Cloud Unit Economics200



Freedom Dumlao

With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console.

Freedom Dumlao | Chief Architect, Drift

Enable profitable innovation with data driven answers

Cost per Customer Intelligence


Cost per Market Segment Intelligence

AWS Bill Graphic

Enable strategic business outcomes

  • Higher Margins
  • Competitive Pricing Strategy 
  • Maximized Revenue per Customer
  • Strategically Selected GTM Segments
  • Optimized Roadmap and Prioritized Tech Debt
  • Controlled Unit Economics
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See Our Cloud Cost Intelligence Platform

CloudZero helps you control your most important business metrics — your margins — by delivering cloud cost intelligence to engineering teams.



See for Yourself

With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console.

Freedom Dumlao Chief Architect, Drift