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Measure The Cost Metrics That Matter

CloudZero gives you ongoing visibility into unit cost, COGS, and cost per customer.

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Make Cloud Cost Actionable For Your Organization

A growing cloud bill is normal when your company is growing too — but without business context, engineering and finance can’t make sense of whether the growth is healthy or not. CloudZero aligns cost to your product architecture and business metrics, so you can have discussions about ROI, rather than EC2.

Make Cloud Cost Actionable

See Your Cost Across New,
Business-Relevant Dimensions

Unlike cost platforms that rely solely on tags, CloudZero offers a simple and flexible way for you to group and measure your cost in a matter of hours, by whatever COGS metrics make sense for your business.

Business Relevant Dimensions

Cost data, enriched with context

The CloudZero platform doesn't just look at your Cost and Usage Report. It pulls in context and metadata from your environment to enrich your billing data and help you understand how your cost connects with your architecture.

Transformation without tagging effort

You’ll work with a CloudZero Cost Intelligence Analyst to set definitions that designate which costs belong to which group. During this process, you'll define a series of logical rules based on data — like tags, service metadata, or even the names of your Kubernetes clusters.

Context driven by telemetry

For even more granular visibility, you can introduce telemetry streams to correlate utilization data with your COGS, so you can understand which customers are driving which costs and what features.

You'll never go at it alone.

Our cloud costs experts have you covered.

Our experts will do most of the work to get you set up — and most customers get full COGS visibility in a matter of hours. The result is the most relevant, flexible, and granular cost data available.

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Monitor The Cost To Build And Run Your Product Features

CloudZero aligns cost to however you measure your COGS — by product feature, business unit, dev team, environment, and more. This enables you to report relevant metrics to finance, while engineering teams each get views of the cost they’re responsible for.

Give Finance Answers

Track Changes To Your Unit Cost Baseline

Whether your total spend goes up or down is arbitrary without context — especially when you’re continuously adding new features and customers. CloudZero helps you monitor your average cost per unit, like customers, so you know if you’re achieving economies of scale — or not.

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“We wanted something that would show us if we increase our traffic 10%, will our costs also increase 10%. It’s never that simple, but we knew we could be more clever about how we did those projections if we understood the cost of running different aspects of our products or how much it costs us to support each customer.”

Greg Farrow

Principal Technical Architect, ResponseTap

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View The Cost To Support Individual Customers

Cloud cost management platforms weren’t built for much of the latest technical infrastructure. If your engineering team has moved to Kubernetes, multi-tenant architecture, microservices, or something else — and suddenly you find yourself doing more guesswork than analysis, CloudZero can give you the granular COGS metrics you need.

Measure Cost Per Customer
Understand Cost Impact

Understand Utilization Costs Per Feature Per Customer

CloudZero gives you granular visibility into how much cost each customer is driving on different parts of your product. This data can unlock your ability to make better decisions about everything from your pricing to renewal strategy.

Give Dev Teams A Relevant Cost Feedback Loop

You can’t hold a developer accountable for your entire spend on AWS. CloudZero empowers them to monitor changes to the cost of their work — with a real-time feedback loop and cost anomaly alerting. Engineering teams can self-serve, explore, and become literate in their cloud cost without specialized knowledge.

Cost Feedback Loop
Webinar Speaker - Kevin Mueller

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Overcome Endless Tagging: Cloud Cost Allocation
Without The Effort

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 | 2:00 PM ET

Join us as CloudZero Solutions Architect, Kevin Mueller covers how you can achieve cloud cost intelligence — without painful tagging exercises.


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“With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console. We were trying to get this information with raw tags in AWS, but it was never accurate. It’s empowering to share that data with the individual product owners, so their teams can take ownership of their costs.”

Freedom Dumlao

Chief Architect, Drift

How Drift Saved $2.4M

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