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Cost Anomaly Detection

Build fast with cost gaurdrails.

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Budgeting And Forecasting

Drive accountability and stay on budget.

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Discount Optimization Dashboard

Manage all your discounts in one place.

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CloudZero Dimensions

Organize spend to match your business.


How SeatGeek Decoded Its AWS Bill and Measured Cost Per Customer

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Enable engineering to make cost-aware development decisions.


Give finance the context they need to make informed decisions.


Decentralize cloud cost and mature your FinOps program.


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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Measure, monitor, and optimize cloud spend on AWS.


Combine cloud cost intelligence from AWS and Snowflake.




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CloudZero Advisor

Compare pricing and get advice on AWS services including EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, and more.

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Cloud Cost Assessment

Gauge the health and maturity level of your cost management and optimization efforts.

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Learn how we’ve helped happy customers like SeatGeek, Drift, Remitly, and more.


Guide: How To Overcome Tagging And Accelerate Cloud Cost Allocation

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Dots Kubernetes Cost Analysis Dits

Allocated And Measure Kubernetes Costs

Seamlessly measure COGS across containerized infrastructure.

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Unlock Visibility Into Your Cloud Cost On Kubernetes

Moving to Kubernetes can obscure key COGS metrics, leaving you with a sudden cost blindspot. CloudZero provides visibility into your cloud cost — containerized, or not — providing you with seamless visibility into your cloud spend, while you embrace Kubernetes.

Unlock Kubernetes Cost Visibility

Transform Cloud Cost Into Meaningful Dimensions

Without manual tagging effort, the CloudZero Platform provides visibility into the cost metrics that matter to your business. Whether you’re running entirely on Kubernetes or just transitioning, you can get a seamless view of cost per product, feature, customer, and more.

Transform Cost To Meaningful Dimensions

Combine Containerized And
Non-Containerized Costs

Cloudzero combines all of your cloud spend into a single platform. You’ll get an accurate view of how much it costs to run a microservice, support a customer, deliver a product, and more when your workloads rely on both containerized and traditional services.

Combine Containerized Costs
Track Idle Cost

Track Idle Cost To Optimize Your Infrastructure

CloudZero surfacing idle cost, so you can maximize your Kubernetes deployment and ensure you’re avoiding waste.


On-Demand Workshop

Practical Steps To Reduce Your AWS Bill

Watch as CloudZero Principal Technologist Kevin Mueller covers practical steps you can take to assess and reduce your AWS spend.


Any Cost Source

Ingest Any Cost Source

All The Costs That Impact Your Bottom Line

CloudZero ingests data from cloud providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, plus software platforms like New Relic, MongoDB, Databricks, and Snowflake.

Correlate costs together and get a complete picture of the cost to build and run your products.

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Monitor The Cost To Build And Run Your Product Features

CloudZero aligns cost to however you measure your COGS — by product feature, business unit, dev team, environment, and more — even if you use Kubernetes. This enables you to report relevant metrics to finance, while engineering teams each get views of the cost they’re responsible for.

Easily Explore Costs
Empower Dev Teams

Empower Dev Teams To Take Control And See Their Impact

CloudZero empowers engineers to monitor changes to the cost of their work — with a real-time feedback loop and cost anomaly alerting. Engineering teams can self-serve, explore, and become literate in their cloud cost without specialized knowledge.

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“With other costs tools, we could get a very broad view of cost or line-item accounting — but we couldn’t traverse between the micro and macro levels. The level of detail CloudZero gives — plus the ability to correlate those levels with a couple clicks — is really helpful when we’re trying to make a decision about how much time we should put into a problem."

Michael Weinberg

Infrastructure Engineering Manager, SeatGeek

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Power Profitable Growth With Cloud Cost Intelligence 👋

See for yourself how CloudZero can transform your cloud spend
into business dimensions you care about.


Power Profitable Growth With Cloud Cost Intelligence 👋

See for yourself how CloudZero can transform your cloud spend
into business dimensions you care about.