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Snowflake Cost Intelligence

Combine Snowflake and Amazon Web Services data into detailed cost insights.

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Growing your margins requires understanding your complete cost.

If you’re using Snowflake and AWS to build your products — you can't just look at a single cloud provider to measure cost metrics, like cost per product feature or customer.


Measure the complete cost to build and run your software.

CloudZero combines cloud cost intelligence from AWS and Snowflake, giving you a holistic view of cost of goods sold (COGS) and unit cost.


Snowflake Cost Graph


With CloudZero you can measure cost per product feature, tenant, customer, unit, dev team and more — without manual tagging — across AWS and Snowflake.

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Easily understand and investigate trends.


CloudZero makes it simple to understand cost at every level — including high level trends, granular insight, and everything in between. There's no tedious data splicing and dicing — just explorable charts with rich context.

Alert dev teams of anomalous spend.

CloudZero uses machine learning to automatically alert you of unusual costs across Snowflake and AWS — then gives you the context to investigate.

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Keep unit cost in check.

If your company is growing, your cloud spend probably is too. CloudZero puts cost in context, so you can distinguish between healthy growth and overspending.

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See for Yourself

With CloudZero, we can see what we’re spending per individual feature and product easier than within the AWS billing console.

Freedom Dumlao Chief Architect, Drift