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Cost Per Customer
Cost Per Customer Analysis

Understand your cloud unit economics and measure cost per customer

Kubernetes Cost Analysis
Kubernetes Cost Analysis

Discover and monitor your real Kubernetes and container costs

Unit Cost Analysis
Unit Cost Analysis

Measure and monitor the unit metrics that matter most to your business

Cost Allocation
Tagging And Cost Allocation

Allocate cost and gain cost visibility even if your tagging isn’t perfect

SaaS COGS Measurement

Identify and measure your software COGS

Engineering Cost Awareness
Engineering Cost Awareness

Decentralize cost decisions to your engineering teams

Cloud Cost Optimization
Cloud Cost Optimization

Automatically identify wasted spend, then proactively build cost-effective infrastructure

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CloudZero Tour
Engineering Accountability

In the cloud, every engineering decision is a buying decision – but engineers are ordering off a menu with no prices. Without visibility, it’s impossible to drive a culture of cost accountability. CloudZero shows engineers exactly what they need to know about the cost impact of the decisions they’re making, so your organization can innovate quickly without the risk of overspending.

Provide Each Team With A View Of Their Work

Provide Each Team With A View Of Their Work

The first step to empowering engineers is to show them what they’re working on.

With CloudZero, you can organize spend into whatever views make sense for your development teams – like team spend, per application spend, or product line.

Each engineering team will have relevant visibility, so they’ll know exactly where their spend stands.

Empower Engineers To Build Fast With Cost Guardrails

Empower Engineers To Build Fast With Cost Guardrails

Cost anomaly alerts notify finance if engineering is tracking ahead of budget.

This enables engineers to experiment with new services and quickly understand the cost impact of their decisions — ultimately helping build a cost-conscious engineering culture.

Enable Engineers To Quickly Investigate Cost

Enable Engineers To Quickly Investigate And Resolve Cost Issues

CloudZero alerts engineering teams of cost anomalies and trends, related to the products and features they’re working on.

From there, engineers can explore intuitive and interactive cost data – showing them recent engineering events that may have triggered it. They can quickly drill down to the resource level and investigate the cause.

Fast Feedback For Migration

Fast Feedback For Migration And Digital Transformation

Whether you’re moving to the cloud or transitioning to Kubernetes, engineers need to learn quickly. CloudZero gives you visibility into costs of your transformation, while providing engineering context to help them understand the cost implications of new services as they’re learning.

You can track the progress of any project, while communicating effectively with stakeholders about how costs will change over time – setting expectations about when cost may get higher before it gets lower in the middling of a transition.

Cost Per User

Hold Engineers Accountable For Metrics That Actually Matter

It’s impossible to say whether a bill is “too high” or not without context. Instead of holding engineers accountable to an arbitrary budget or monitoring percentage of overall increase, CloudZero helps your engineering team understand their unit economics.

You can drive a culture of accountability around meaningful metrics, like cost per customer, user, transaction, and more.

This provides context while creating alignment between finance and engineering – so everyone can be on the same page when it comes to cloud spend.

CloudZero Does More Than Just Empower Engineering With Cost Visibility


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Untangle Your Cloud Cost Once And For All

Reading about CloudZero is nothing like seeing it for yourself. In your personalized demo, we’ll cover how you can:

  • Organize cloud costs without perfect tagging
  • Measure COGS, unit cost, cost per customer, and more
  • Align teams around a common cost language
  • Empower engineers to see the cost impact of their work

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