The most advanced SaaS and digital companies (think Netflix or Lyft) don’t just think about cost optimization in terms of cutting spend. They’re building optimized infrastructure that aligns cost to their business KPIs so they can maximize their margins and accelerate growth. To do this, they have a deep understanding of the cost of their platforms and unit costs.

In this webinar, CloudZero Co-Founder and CTO Erik Peterson will discuss specific recommendations and steps you can take to go beyond the cost savings basics and align cloud cost with your company’s KPIs.

You’ll learn:

  • The three key metrics you should be tracking to put your cloud spend in context, with specific examples from other well-known SaaS and digital companies.
  • How you can get the data you need, even if you have cloud-native infrastructure that obscures your cost metrics (Kubernetes, multi-tenancy, microservices, and more).
  • How to elevate your cost conversations with leadership and transform your discussions from whether your bill is “too high” to which business trade-offs you could make.