It’s no secret that tagging is an endless source of pain in cloud cost optimization. For a lot of companies, it can be a barrier to achieving the visibility they need in the first place and an ongoing resource-intensive exercise that distracts engineering.

In this webinar, Kevin Mueller, Solutions Architect at CloudZero, will discuss how you can achieve cloud cost intelligence, without painful tagging exercises.

You’ll learn :

  • Tactics for grouping your cost without manual tagging — and how you can get visibility into your cost immediately, regardless of the current state of your tags.
  • Best practices to keep your tagging strategy focused, so you can spend less time tagging while driving the visibility you need.
  • How to allocate untagged and untaggable resources, without weeks or months of manual tagging exercises.
  • How CloudZero can help you meet your cloud cost intelligence goals without tagging.