Our Speakers
Bill Buckley
Bill Buckley SVP of Engineering
Dan Carduci
Dan Carducci VP of Finance
Michelle Dufty
Michelle Dufty Chief Marketing Officer

Worldwide cloud spending continues to accelerate. After exceeding $500 billion for the first time in 2023, Gartner predicts spending will near a staggering $700 billion by the end of 2024.

With rising costs comes rising pressure for companies to get efficient — quickly. In 2022, this is exactly what companies told us they wanted to do. Two years later, we refreshed our State of Cloud Cost report to see how they’re doing.

Join this hour-long webinar to explore findings like:

  • Out-of-control cloud costs. The majority of companies report not having control over their cloud costs, with a rise in the number of organizations saying their costs are “way too high.
  • Low visibility is harming productivity. Nearly nine in 10 respondents said a lack of cloud cost visibility prevents them from doing their job well — indicating higher levels of disruption than in previous years.
  • Engineering ownership equals a better understanding of cloud cost. Data points to a positive correlation between engineering ownership and better business outcomes, like greater confidence in reporting accuracy. 81% of respondents said their cloud costs are “about where they should be” when engineering has some level of ownership.
  • Job insecurity. Three in four respondents fear losing their jobs if cloud costs suddenly increase.