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How SeatGeek Decoded Its AWS Bill and Measured Cost Per Customer

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Enable engineering to make cost-aware development decisions.


Give finance the context they need to make informed decisions.


Decentralize cloud cost and mature your FinOps program.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Measure, monitor, and optimize cloud spend on AWS.


Combine cloud cost intelligence from AWS and Snowflake.

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Gauge the health and maturity level of your cost management and optimization efforts.

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Guide: How To Overcome Tagging And Accelerate Cloud Cost Allocation

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Power Profitable Growth With Cloud Cost Intelligence

CloudZero is the only solution that enables you to allocate 100% of your spend in hours — so you can align everyone around cost dimensions that matter to your business.

  • Skip Endless Tagging
  • Unlock Cloud Unit Economics
  • Reveal Kubernetes Cost Intelligence
  • Partner With A FinOps Coach

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CloudZero Platform

Build On A Foundation Of Organized Cloud Spend

No matter what your cloud cost goals are, everything else builds on how your cloud spend is organized. So when tags become a blocker, it’s impossible to make progress. CloudZero organizes spend better than anyone else — transforming your cost into accurate, business-relevant dimensions, even when your tags aren’t perfect.

Foundation Of Cloud Spend
Unlock Unit Cost Visibility

Unlock Unit Cost Metrics

Whether your bill goes up or down is meaningless without business context.

CloudZero aligns cost to your business, so you can explain why cost is changing — and whether it's healthy. Answer questions like:

  • Are COGS healthy for our growth?
  • Which features cost us the most?
  • Which customers are we losing money on?
  • How will cost change with our business plans?

And so much more.

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Receive Expert (Human)
Cost Intelligence

Other cost tools hand you the keys to their platform and then you’re left to figure things out on your own. Not CloudZero.

Our Cost Intelligence Team partners with your company to provide personalized cost optimization recommendations, coach you on best practices, and take your FinOps practice to the next level — so you’ll always know what to prioritize.

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“The team at CloudZero has been awesome to work with, and they've helped us to break our cost down in ways that make it easier to see what optimizations will get us significant results.”

M.J. Jackson
DevOps, Drift

Expert Human Cost Intelligence
Remove Tagging Barrier

Remove Tagging As A Blocker To Visibility

Gone are the days of endless tagging and chasing people down to tag resources properly.

CloudZero uses a code-driven approach that lets companies organize cloud spend without tagging — even on containerized and multi-tenant infrastructure or in the case of untagged, untaggable, and shared resources.

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Stop Guessing, And Know Exactly What Your Costs Are

Ever feel queasy reporting cost to your leadership team? Never feel that way again.

With CloudZero, you’ll know exactly what your COGS, cost per customer, and unit costs are — and you won’t have to spend hours exporting data and piecing it together in Excel to find it. Accurately measure:

  • COGS
  • Cost Per Customer
  • Cost Per Feature
  • Cost Per Product

And any other unit cost metrics that matter to your business.

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Know Your Exact Costs
Explore Costs With Ease

Spend Up To 90% Less Time Managing Cloud Cost

Let’s face it — the cloud cost management category has been overdue for disruption.

CloudZero untangles your spend in hours, then makes cost optimization simple, automated, and intuitive.

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“Managing AWS spend could be a full-time job. With CloudZero, I’ve cut down 90% of the time I used to spend managing cost.”

Adam Walker
VP of Infrasture and Security, Validity

Align Engineering, FinOps, And Finance
Around A Common Cost Language

CloudZero connects the dots between your product architecture and your cloud spend — giving you cloud cost intelligence that makes everyone smarter. Teams can have discussions around cost that lead to informed engineering, product, and business decisions that drives profitability for your company. What is cloud cost intelligence? Find out →

Empower Everyone to Cloud Responsibly

Empower Engineering To Own Their Cost

CloudZero decentralizes cloud cost to engineering teams, giving them the ability to see the cost impact of their work, detect overruns, and debug cost issues.

Engineers can understand the cost of their features — and see the what, why, and how of every cost.

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“CloudZero is intuitive enough that our engineers are able to go in there, self-serve, and understand what they're looking at.”

Shawn Lopresto
DevOps Architect, Malwarebytes

Empower Dev Teams
Give Finance Cost Context

Give Finance All The Answers, Before They Ask

Translate cost into a language finance understands and proactively keep them in the loop. Help them understand the ROI and gross margins on business initiatives they care about.

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“Our finance partners can now directly log into CloudZero so we can review the costs and predictions together. This data and visibility has improved the quality and focus of our expense planning conversations.”

Brian Morehead
VP of Cloud Operations, Malwarebytes


On-Demand Workshop

Practical Steps To Reduce Your AWS Bill

Watch as CloudZero Principal Technologist Kevin Mueller covers practical steps you can take to assess and reduce your AWS spend.


Happy Customers, Proven Results


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reduction in annual cloud cost

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"We get a lot of useful information from CloudZero with the unit cost metrics we obtain on a daily basis. It has also enabled our product teams to see if our unit costs are going up or down and to understand the costs for the respective products."

Brian Morehead

VP of Cloud Operations, Malwarebytes

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


No. CloudZero uses a code-driven approach to organizing cloud spend. Similar to how engineers would define Infrastructure as Code, CloudZero enables teams to use a code artifact to define how they would like to organize their costs, providing them with flexibility, accuracy, and granularity — without having to tag every resource.

This allows organizations to align costs with meaningful business metrics, such as products, features, customers, and more — whether your tags are perfect or a total mess.

Learn more about how we allocate costs without perfect tagging here.


You can connect to the CloudZero platform in 10 minutes and start seeing value right away. While some special projects may require you to provide us with data, generally getting started requires very little effort.

From there, it only takes a few additional hours to uncover additional cost intelligence like unit cost, COGS, cost per customer, etc.

Check out this blog post on our entire setup process and the time commitment you can expect at each step: How Long Does It Take to Get Started With CloudZero?


Unlike other cost tools, CloudZero doesn’t charge based on a percentage of your savings. CloudZero pricing is custom to your environment.

Why do we do this?

Cloud cost intelligence is about aligning cost to your business and stakeholders, so cost becomes a meaningful data point as you discuss cost tradeoffs throughout your entire product life cycle. Sure, we’ll help you identify waste — but that’s only a piece of it. You’ll also proactively save where it matters most — and unfortunately for us we can’t take a percentage of the money you never spend.

Learn more about our pricing here.


For qualified accounts, we do offer a 30-day free trial where you can experience the power and capabilities of CloudZero’s cost intelligence platform.

Get in touch with us here to inquire about setting up a free trial.


Yes. Many of our customers have replaced their cloud cost management tools with CloudZero’s platform.

On top of traditional cost optimization, CloudZero allows you to see costs in the metrics that matter most to your business — like unit cost, cost per customer, per feature, per product, COGS, and more.


Up to 90%.

CloudZero makes investigating cost quick and easy. Engineers can even investigate costs themselves and see the cost impact of their work.

Our customer, Validity, was able to cut down time spent managing cost by 90%. SeatGeek was able to save six to eight hours of investigation time per question about cost.

Simply put, CloudZero makes it easier to investigate, measure, and control cost.

Learn more about how our customers have saved time here.


CloudZero is more than a cost reduction tool. That being said, we have seen customers reduce their AWS bill by 25% or more. SaaS platform, Drift, was even able to reduce cloud costs by $2.4 million.

Check out our other customer success stories here.


Unlike traditional cost management tools, which offer traditional customer success to get you onboarded and configured – CloudZero gives you a dedicated FinOps expert on demand. You’ll get a shared Slack channel, where you can ask questions and discuss priorities. Your expert will continuously monitor your cost for optimization opportunities and surface key insights.

It’s like having another member of your team — powered by the collective intelligence of every CloudZero customer.

Power Profitable Growth With Cloud Cost Intelligence 👋

See for yourself how CloudZero can transform your cloud spend
into business dimensions you care about.


Power Profitable Growth With Cloud Cost Intelligence 👋

See for yourself how CloudZero can transform your cloud spend
into business dimensions you care about.