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Understand the financial effect of operational decisions.

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Instant Cost Feedback. Better Engineering.

Engineers don't set out to build expensive applications. CloudZero provides the data they need, when they need it, to build cost-consciously—because a well architected system is a cost-efficient system. 

  • Monitor cost across AWS accounts in real-time by team, product, AWS service, or other metric.
  • Identify architectural dependencies and optimize your infrastructure for cost.
  • Prioritize cost-efficient new features and which tech debt to tackle.

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Cost Dashboard

CloudZero’s Cost Manager Dashboard gives you real time insights into the cost of your AWS system across all your accounts.

Zero Lost Time. Zero Surprises. 

There's nothing worse than a huge unexpected AWS bill at the end of the month. CloudZero detects when your costs spike or steadily trend up, so you can accurately budget—or quickly adjust.

  • Immediately detect and investigate unintended costs and trends.
  • Track the real costs of resources and reserved capacity, across accounts, enabling the distribution of costs to the proper cost-centers.
  • Learn right away when running vendor software or a new service is costing you more. 

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Anomaly Slack

CloudZero lets you detect and investigate cost anomalies.