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Cloud Cost, Translated For Your Business

Have every cloud cost answer at your fingertips — enabling engineering to build optimized software, while you answer critical questions for finance.

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Cost Intelligent Companies Rely On CloudZero

Michael Weinberg Quote

With CloudZero I can dig into my bill and easily understand exactly what we’re spending and why.

Michael Weinberg

Infrastructure Engineering Manager, SeatGeek

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Peter Samaan Quote

CloudZero lets me account for all of my AWS costs — and proactively notifies me of changes.

Peter Samaan

Infrastructure Engineering Manager, Remitly

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Greg Farrow Quote

CloudZero [cost intelligence] helps us connect the dots between our products and our AWS spend.

Greg Farrow

Principal Technical Architect, ResponseTap

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Empower Everyone To Cloud Responsibly

When you’re in charge of the cloud, it’s your job to make sure every technical decision helps drive the right outcomes for your business. CloudZero connects the dots between your product architecture and your cloud spend — giving you cloud cost intelligence that makes everyone smarter. What is cloud cost intelligence? Find out →

Manage Cost Without The Burden Of Cost Management

Cost platforms have a bad rap. They’re clunky, hard to master, and rely almost entirely on tagging. CloudZero makes cost optimization simple, automated, and intuitive.

Optimize Your AWS Spend

Embrace A Modern Stack Without Losing Visibility

Moving to Kubernetes shouldn’t turn your cloud cost into a black box. CloudZero gives you COGS visibility — whether you’ve just migrated to the cloud or you’re leaning in on bleeding edge AWS services.

Monitor Kubernetes Costs

Give Finance the Answers They Want

Give Finance All The Answers, Before They Ask

Translate cost into a language finance understands and proactively keep them in the loop. Help them understand the ROI and gross margins on business initiatives they care about.

CloudZero for Finance

Results That Speak For Themselves


less time managing cloud cost

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more costs allocated without tagging

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reduction in annual cloud cost

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Measure Unit Economics And Cost Per Customer

Whether your bill goes up or down is meaningless without business context. CloudZero aligns cost to your business, so you can explain why cost is changing — and whether it's healthy.

Measure Cost Per Customer

Understand Your Unit Economics
Empower Dev Teams

Empower Dev Teams To Take Control And See Their Impact

You’ve DevOps-ed everything else, so why not cost? CloudZero enables you to decentralize cost intelligence to engineering — because better cost decisions now means less tech debt later.

Set Up Cost Anomaly Alerts

Webinar Speaker - Kevin Mueller

Upcoming Webinar

Overcome Endless Tagging: Cloud Cost Allocation
Without The Effort

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 | 2:00 PM ET

Join us as CloudZero Solutions Architect, Kevin Mueller covers how you can achieve cloud cost intelligence — without painful tagging exercises.


Easily Allocate Untagged And Shared Resources

Traditional cost management platforms work fine — as long as your tags are flawless. CloudZero was designed for teams who don't let perfection get in the way of velocity.


What Our Customers Say



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CloudZero is intuitive enough that our engineers are able to go in there, self-serve, and understand what they're looking at.

Shawn Lopresto

DevOps Architect, Malwarebytes

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