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What makes a room full of DevOps engineers laugh? The following DevOps memes and funny quotes — perhaps.

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Cloud Cost Memes

1. Level your risk

cartoon characters talking

When Finance and Engineering work in silos, conversations can get a little awkward. Finance wants to cut costs no matter what. Engineering wants to provision resources for peak performance — oh, and level risks.

2. When technical debt catches up

cartoon characters

The cost of reworking, or shipping now and dealing with consequences later, doesn’t seem crucial until it is. Instead, help your engineers understand the cost impact of their technical decisions so they can build cost-effective solutions.

3. We can allocate all your cloud spend — not without retagging, though


Cost allocation tags can be a pain in the neck, especially at scale or when you need to merge with a team or company that has a different tagging system.

4. Caption this: When a surprise AWS bill smacks you in the face


5. Don’t you dare settle for just “fine”


The Cloud Cost Playbook

DevOps Memes

6. Change my mind: Dev vs. Ops vs. DevOps

bears and panda

7. When you try to fix a bug in production, it sort of feels like this

Developers fixing a bug in production

— Tawanda Nyahuye ‍ (@towernter) March 3, 2023

8. When a DevOps engineer goes all the way from the get-go. Solid foundations are important, you know.


9. When you explain to a DevOps recruiter what full stack means — and they take it personally


10. What a successful career in DevOps does to your letter-writing knacks

before and after comparison

11. Who is an optimist? A person who sees a glass as half full. Who is a Site Reliability Engineer? The person who sees a glass as 99.99% full.

Glass filled with water

12. How the DevOps project started on Day 1 with the client, product manager, and team lead

devops pipeline

How it’s going.

salt bae

Kubernetes Memes

Kubernetes exponentially became the go-to container orchestration platform. But Kubernetes can be daunting, especially at scale. These Kubernetes memes show why.

13. When they told you all you needed was a YAML file to master the Kubernetes deployment

cartoon characters

It is going to be easy, they said. But then you need to code to extend it.

14. Talk of running applications in containers on Kubernetes


15. Got 99 superpowers but running databases on Kubernetes reliably ain’t one of them

cartoon characters

16. Does this apply to every team that is yet to use a managed K8s platform?

cartoon characters

Funny Tech Memes

17. Don’t you dare make a joke about Continuous Delivery

cartoon characters

18. It’s not just manual monitoring and infrastructure configuration

cartoon characters

If you transfer the same on-premises practices you’ve used before to the cloud, you are likely to have a problem. Instead, you want to leverage automation, continuous monitoring, and cloud-native architecture to achieve the promise of the cloud.

19. Moving to the cloud won’t solve every problem you’ve ever hadcartoon characters

But monitoring your cloud migration can improve your migration costs, security, and more.

20. When you thought you’ve fixed a major problem by lifting and shifting a legacy app to the cloud, but now you have a bunch of bugs, security issues, and runaway costs

Question about most used language in programming

Relatable DevOps Tweets

21. The speed of light has nothing on outages

the fastest things on earth

22. Who else wished they could say this has not happened to them more than once

devops dan tweet

23. DevOps Borat is still relevant 10 years later

devops borat tweet

24. How to get the right answers from your machine learning system

how to get the right answers

25. What stakeholders think of when they hear “hybrid cloud”

what stakeholders think

Laugh All The Way Through Your Cloud Bill With CloudZero

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