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What You Can Expect From Our FinOps Account Management Team

At CloudZero, we’re in the business of driving positive change.

Whenever we work with a client, our goal is to share insights rooted in our FinOps perspective and platform expertise that helps customers save on cloud costs and build strategies for engineering-led optimizations.

Each experience is curated for the clients FinOps maturity stage and unique business goals; that’s what personalized service is all about. If you’re considering taking CloudZero for a test drive — or you’re an existing client interested in taking your cost optimizations to the next level—you can expect that your experience with us will include certain components that form the backbone of our service delivery.

With that in mind, here is an example path forward once you begin working with our FinOps account management team.

What You Can Expect From Our FinOps Account Management Team

1. Strategy sessions with key stakeholders to determine your ultimate goals

Early in our relationship, we’ll conduct a meeting with all the people on your team who will be involved in your cost optimization journey. During this meeting, we’ll focus on finding your “North Star. “ We want to dig deep and find the reason why we’re all here, the key goal you have in mind for the next year.

This North Star will be our guiding light as we build your plan for success.

2. A customer-focused “joint success plan” based on your unique circumstances

The details we glean during our first meeting will also provide the basis for the joint success plan we’ll put into action for the coming year. This plan will keep our team aligned with yours as we move forward.

Among other key items, we’ll establish who will be accountable for cost changes, determine your preferred measures of value, and designate some progress points along the way from point A to point B.

3. Extensive training

To help you surmount any learning curves as easily and quickly as possible, we provide detailed training to every new customer. The FinOps Account Management Team will surround you with both hands-on and self-service training beginning the very first day of onboarding.

By the time we’ve onboarded your account, you will be able to confidently use each of the features and functions the CloudZero platform offers.

4. Proven strategies for empowering your engineering team

One of the most commonly cited challenges of adopting a new FinOps routine is getting the engineering team on board.

Thankfully, with a thoughtful approach and a set of robust CloudZero features that make cost tracking easy and intuitive, you can overcome this obstacle and empower your engineers to make cost-conscious decisions that positively impact profitability.

5. A weekly cadence of meetings during the early phases of the plan

When you first begin working with us, we’ll have a lot to tackle together. This period of rapid growth and expansion can be overwhelming if you do it alone, which is why we encourage clients to set up weekly meetings with us during the first four to twelve-week adjustment period.

We’ll answer any questions you may have, offer our own insights and suggestions, and make sure you’re on track to meet your goals.

6. An established relationship with your executive team

The success of our partnership is based on established goals set in the Joint Success Plan and collaborative efforts that couple cost awareness with actionable insights. For this reason, it’s crucial for us to keep an open dialogue between our team and your executive team throughout the duration of our contract.

To keep our fingers on the pulse of how the executives are feeling, we conduct Executive Business Reviews that highlight achievements along our partner journey and give clients the space to share how we can elevate their experience with CloudZero.

We prioritize open dialogue and clear goals because transparency helps to foster accountability as well as profitability.

We’re not just going to have an onboarding call and then fall off the face of the planet; you can expect an ongoing, collaborative relationship with our customer success team for as long as you plan to work with us.

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