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How Has Tracking Unit Economics Changed The Way CleverTap Manages Cloud Costs? Ready To Reap The Same Rewards CleverTap Has Experienced?

At CloudZero, we take special pride in helping our customers to optimize their cloud spend.

We especially love it when a longtime customer has experienced so much success with our platform that they can’t help but sing their love of unit economics from the rooftops.

In this interview, we sat down with Francis Pereira, Vice President of Infrastructure Engineering at CleverTap, to find out how CleverTap has evolved and grown during their years of partnership with CloudZero.

We recommend pouring a fresh cup of coffee and enjoying the full video, but you can also catch the highlights below.

How Has Tracking Unit Economics Changed The Way CleverTap Manages Cloud Costs?

For one, CleverTap engineers have started taking ownership of the costs they incur

The great thing about engineers is that, given enough information and the tools to make real change, they naturally want to optimize everything.

After all, that’s one of the primary aspects of their jobs — not to mention a common personality characteristic most engineers share that draws them to the profession in the first place.

Since they started working with CloudZero, CleverTap’s engineers have started to take ownership of — and experiment with — the costs within their purview. And since engineers are the primary drivers of cloud costs for a SaaS company, it can make a huge difference to the bottom line when they take this initiative!

Cost considerations are now at the forefront of major infrastructure decisions

CleverTap has experienced what Francis describes as an “organic cultural shift” when it comes to thinking about costs.

Whereas once engineers would have made infrastructure decisions solely based on convenience, speed, or computing power, now engineers carefully consider the cost efficiency of their build choices before committing to a particular solution.

This is all possible because CleverTap’s engineers have been empowered with unit cost data that reflects the results of every choice they make.

That’s the kind of positive cost culture we love to see!

Unit economics now form the backbone of CleverTap’s plans for the future

The data CleverTap tracks within the CloudZero platform opens many doors for potential optimizations.

In particular, Francis is interested in redesigning pricing and packaging tiers to improve revenue generation from the products CleverTap already offers. It’s a quick way to boost the company’s income that doesn’t require ingenious innovation or months of development.

Francis recognizes that analyzing the individual unit economics of each customer provides a powerful way to control costs that the “peanut butter spread” method of averaging costs across the board could never hope to accomplish.

Smart buying decisions also play a key role in CleverTap’s future strategies

As we like to say at CloudZero, every engineering decision is a buying decision. The good news is, companies don’t have to be afraid to spend money in the cloud — as long as they’re making every engineering decision with cost efficiency in mind.

The idea is to maximize the return on every single investment the company makes. CleverTap plans to do this by making informed choices based on the hard unit economics data they get from the CloudZero platform on a daily basis.

Ready To Reap The Same Rewards CleverTap Has Experienced?

Tracking unit economics is your key to success.

Most SaaS companies still operate using estimates, averages, and sometimes flat-out guesses when it comes to costs per customer, per product, per feature, and other vital SaaS metrics.

While this guesswork might seem good enough on the surface, it actually prevents you from harnessing the power of accurate predictions, fine-tuned pricing and packaging strategies, and carefully planned infrastructure choices.

You could be leaving tens of thousands of dollars — perhaps even millions — on the table without even realizing what you’re missing.

to discover how unit economics can revolutionize your business.

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