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Explorer Accessibility Improvement Updated Branding On CloudZero Alerts

As 2023 wound to a close, we focused our efforts primarily on gearing up for 2024 — incubating several new releases that aren’t quite ready for primetime. So, December’s installment of our Product Release Notes series is a bit more bite-sized, ideal for those of us still trying to burn off holiday calories.

In addition to the updates below, be sure to check out our new case study with LawnStarter, who used CloudZero to reduce their storage costs by 55% and justify two new engineering teams.

Explorer Accessibility Improvement

What it is: To make the cloud cost data in CloudZero Explorer even easier to read, we added thin off-white lines between each graph’s stacked bars. It’s a small change, but one that boosts the accessibility of the Explorer feature engineers love.

Status: Live!

Updated Branding On CloudZero Alerts

What it is: At last, the CloudZero makeover has reached our weekly, monthly, and anomaly notifications. These now feature our updated branding — and if you haven’t read CloudZero Founder Erik Peterson’s blog on the new logo, now’s the time.
Status: Live!

The Modern Guide To Managing Cloud Costs

Traditional cost management is broken. Here's how to fix it.

Modern Cost Management Guide