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For years, companies have used the cloud with limited concern for its absolute business impact. If it was powering sufficient growth and accelerating the company toward a sufficiently exciting exit, that was good enough.

But all that has changed. As the world adapts to macroeconomic conditions scarcely seen since the late 2000s, digital-native businesses face pressure to bring business fundamentals to the cloud — to determine what they’re spending, whether it’s justified, and if not, where and how to make changes.

CloudZero is the first platform to bring true business fundamentals to the cloud. Our platform is rich in features that turn raw cost and usage data into cloud cost intelligence — Explorer, Analytics, Insights, Budgets, Unit Cost, and more.

But all this rests on our core differentiator: our ability to convert 100% of your spend into a common data model, dynamically allocate it, and present it in easily explorable ways.

As 2023 rolls on, we’re working on ways to give you even more power over our uniquely powerful data. To manipulate it how you want, when you want, and share it with whoever needs to see it. To ensure these manipulations are easy to find, learn, and absorb into your workflow.

To this end, here are some of our key June releases. Stay tuned for more updates like this in the future!

Analytics Additions

Introducing: A slew of updates to our Analytics feature (in beta):

  • Name of dashboards in tab. Your dashboard’s name will now display in the browser tab to help you know what dashboard you’re viewing at a glance.
  • Selectable dashboard filters: Dimension, tag, cost, date granularity. Selectables make it simple to dynamically configure Analytics dashboards according to what you want to see. There are now available preconfigured filters for Dimension, tag, cost, date granularity — or any combination therein — to get the most precise data views possible.
  • Deeplink dashboards. After you’ve filtered your dashboard, share its URL with your team to give them easy access to that dashboard view.
  • Search updates. Use the search feature to find the dashboard you’re looking for quickly. Works across all dashboards!
  • Resources first/last seen. Automatically see the dates on which resources were first and last seen and incorporate that data into reports.

You can use it to: Make your Analytics experience even smoother and more powerful, finding more relevant insights, sharing them with affected stakeholders more easily, and powering even more cost-effective software.

Status: Live for beta customers.

The Cloud Cost Playbook

Insights UX Updates

Introducing: A handful of updates to CloudZero’s Insights feature:

  • Add/edit all fields. Easily add and update all fields in an insight, ensuring all information about the savings opportunity is readily available.
  • Multiple insights workflow. Have multiple insights to create? No problem! Now, just check a box to create another insight after you finish the first.
  • Insights detail page. View all the important details of an insight (e.g., cost impact) directly on the Insights detail page. This allows you to dive into the details and easily navigate between insights.

You can use it to: Create and view more insights of deeper accuracy and streamline your workflow to turn insights into real cloud savings.

Status: Live!

Azure Data Changes

Introducing: Support for Azure Reserved Instances (RIs) and Savings Plans (SPs). Now, Azure RIs and SPs show up as amortized over the appropriate period.

You can use it to: Amortize your Azure RI and SP costs, getting a more accurate view of how much you’re spending and when.

Status: Live!

The Cloud Cost Playbook

The step-by-step guide to cost maturity

The Cloud Cost Playbook cover