CloudZero Raises $5 Million Series A for Site Reliability Management Platform

Posted by Alex Zavorski on 10/11/17 8:49 AM

Today we announce that CloudZero has raised a $5 Million Series A Round, led by Matrix Partners and Underscore VC. This is a very exciting time for us and is a testament to the hard work put in over the past year by our CEO & Founder Erik Peterson and Co-Founder Matt Manger. As a team of one, two, and now nine people, CloudZero has followed a disciplined, entrepreneurial approach to identify and validate a large, growth, market category experiencing significant, unaddressed pain. We call this category, Site Reliability Management. Erik, Matt, and I worked with Tim Barrows of Matrix Partners, Michael Skok of Underscore VC, Advisors from Underscore VC’s Core Community, dozens of customers, and an open source community, to prove the value that CloudZero delivers to this category. All of this hard work culminated in securing the Series A so we can next focus 100% of our energy on our SaaS platform and supporting our open source community.

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An Introduction to The Reactor

Posted by Adam Tankanow on 10/2/17 8:31 AM

Once upon a time, you had an AWS Account. Every day, you fought the console and CLI kicking and screaming for the information you needed to debug your production issues. Due to your frustrations, you installed the CloudZero Reactor which builds a semantic map of your cloud events and resources. Using the context derived from that semantic map, you were able to get clear answers to your cloud questions. Eventually, you forgot AWS had a console or command line, tossed your pager-attached mobile device on silent, and caught some much needed zzzs.

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Topics: Open Source, AWS, Reactor

Tell Us A Little About Your Cloud Incidents

Posted by Tom McLaughlin on 9/12/17 6:57 PM

The cloud can be a tumultuous place. It is always changing and sooner or later the crash of a computer you have never heard of will stop you from getting work done. This is terribly frustrating and painful for many of us and one of the least favorite parts of our jobs.

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