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Beyond Multi-Cloud: AnyCost A Truly Single Pane Of Glass For Cloud Cost Interested In Learning More? 

At CloudZero, we’re confident that we can organize cloud spend better than anyone else out there.

For years, we’ve helped companies to efficiently organize spend, while overcoming traditional hurdles to visibility, like shared cost, incomplete tagging, and Kubernetes. We’ve helped customers who have struggled to attribute spend to do so in a matter of days — without saddling engineering teams with new projects or embarking on a resource tagging expedition with no end in sight.

Today, I’m excited to share another giant step forward: CloudZero AnyCost™.

With this new functionality, CloudZero goes beyond multi-cloud and will support virtually any cloud or software spend. Our customers can now seamlessly combine spend from any provider to get a complete picture of what they’re spending money on — whether it be the cost to run a product feature or support a single customer.

Beyond Multi-Cloud: AnyCost

Like many companies in this space, we’ve gotten requests over the years to support other cloud providers. So, extending our support to add additional cloud and software providers was a natural step.

The problem, however, was that it just wasn’t a very inspired step.   

We knew that giving our customers the most complete picture of their spend was key to unlocking efficient and profitable software, and adding support one by one just wasn’t going to cut it. 

We have always had a bigger vision for what we wanted our customers to achieve, not one focused on managing costs, but on profitability and a clear path to understanding the return on their cloud engineering investments. Now, more than ever, the industry needed us to move fast.

When we announced our support for Snowflake over a year ago, I wrote a blog about how cloud-driven companies were increasingly adopting a multi-service approach, rather than just multi-cloud. In short, companies aren’t simply choosing to build across multiple clouds, they’re choosing best-of-breed vendors to build their products.

If we wanted to provide the most accurate picture of our customers’ cost data, we needed a way to support the limitless combinations of cloud and software providers that our customers use.

CloudZero AnyCost offers customers a flexible way to ingest any cost data. Today, we have customers already running Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform — as well as software such as New Relic, MongoDB, Databricks, Snowflake, and more.

Over time, we’ll release easy-setup functionality for the most popular providers. However, customers will always have the ability to build their own adapters to truly bring in any cost.

The Cloud Cost Playbook

A Truly Single Pane Of Glass For Cloud Cost

Unlike other cost solutions, CloudZero will show all spend in a single pane of glass. Cost data will be flexible and standardized, so it can be easily combined and organized alongside other providers — with no flipping to different tabs or struggling to merge data sources in spreadsheets.

With this functionality, customers will understand the cost to run different aspects of their business, like features, products, and customers — regardless of how many software or cloud providers contribute to each. 

For example, if you use AWS as your primary cloud provider, Snowflake for your data warehouse, New Relic as your APM solution, and GCP for your TensorFlow workloads, you will be able to view and explore all of these costs within one single unified view.

Additionally, customers using AnyCost will have access to the full CloudZero feature set. They can build dashboards and reports, explore and debug cost issues, create budgets, receive cost anomaly alerts, and decentralize cost to engineering teams.

With this visibility, teams can manage their unit economics to maximize profit, make data-driven decisions, and control spend.

That is cloud cost intelligence at its finest.

Interested In Learning More? 

If you’re interested in learning more about CloudZero AnyCost, we’d love to talk! .

The Cloud Cost Playbook

The step-by-step guide to cost maturity

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