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21+ DevOps Podcasts That Are Must-Listens For 2023

Check out these top DevOps podcasts to keep up with the latest and greatest from industry peers, influencers, and bleeding-edge brands.

Is your current cloud cost tool giving you the cost intelligence you need?  Most tools are manual, clunky, and inexact. Discover how CloudZero takes a new  approach to organizing your cloud spend.Click here to learn more.

DevOps can be challenging because there aren’t standard approaches to it. Your DevOps approach can be vastly unique to your organization's needs, including the DevOps engineering talent and budget you have available.

This also means that it's easy to get caught up in doing your own thing and not knowing what others are doing out there that you can adopt. To help you keep up with DevOps developments, we’ve compiled this roundup of some of the best DevOps podcasts to listen to today.

The topics covered in these talks range from cloud infrastructure management to security strategies and productivity tips.

1. Cloud Atlas

cloud atlas

Biologically speaking, humans are a terrestrial species. But in terms of how we live, work, learn, and play, we’re really a cloud-native species. The cloud revolutionized human life. But outside the tech community, people have a limited understanding of what the cloud is.

In Cloud Atlas, CloudZero demystifies the cloud — including the story of the cloud, from prehistoric times (i.e., the 1990s) to the present day, where it came from, what it enabled, and how universally it’s used on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, moment-to-moment basis.

Cloud Atlas includes interviews and stories from Allan Vermeulen (proposed S3, led the team who built it), Matt Round (former director of Amazon’s Personalization Department), Andy Jassy (former AWS CEO, current Amazon CEO), and more! Check out the podcast here.

2. The CloudCast

The CloudCast

Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely still share valuable perspectives on the public cloud after 11 years and 700 episodes.

The duo recently partnered up with us for CloudCast Basics Episode 689. Besides interviews with experts, CloudCast Basics offers a series of shows. Every season (released monthly) covers a collection of related topics.

The hosts structure them so beginners can confidently take the next steps. The Cloudcast Basics podcasts now last 15-20 minutes rather than 30-35 minutes.

Each episode has an "Introduction", "Explain", and "Examples" segment, enabling you to break down the concepts and understand how you can apply them in your work. The episodes are available on more than 10 podcast platforms, including Spotify and Listen Notes.

3. Arrested DevOps

Arrested DevOps

Listen in to get your share of DevOps best practices in 60 minutes or less.

Your hosts are Bridget Kromhout (Principal Program Manager at Microsoft Azure), Jeff Smith (Centro’s Director of Production Operations), Jessica Kerr (developer relations at Honeycomb), Joe Laha (DevOpsDay Minneapolis organizer), Matt Stratton (global chair of DevOpsDays), and Trevor Hess (Senior product manager at Progress Software).

It covers everything DevOps, from security to productivity to team structures, with expert guests from around the world.

4. DevOps Radio

DevOps Radio

Tune into this CloudBees-sponsored series for insights on everything software delivery. The DevOps Radio podcast has over 100 episodes you can select from and listen to at your own convenience.

Expect real-world perspectives, lesson-packed stories, actionable tips, industry scoop, etc. Sessions include CloudBees’ own experts as well as speakers from across the industry, including the likes of Steve Wozniak.

5. Software Defined Talk

Software Defined Talk

Hosts Brandon Whichard, Code, and Matt Ray dissect the latest news, views, and events on topics you care about.

Think: DevOps, Kubernetes, Serverless, security, and coding. Expect conversations about enterprise software and cloud computing, doused with a good dose of lighthearted banter that makes this podcast an easy listen.

The talk show hit 400 episodes recently, and a new episode comes out every week. Whether you prefer Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Overcast, you can listen via your favorite podcast platform (nine options are available).

6. Software Engineering Daily Podcast

Software Engineering Daily Podcast

Software Engineering Daily shares tips, news, and other information about building, scaling, and optimizing large software projects.

Their weekly podcasts are under 50 minutes long, and you can subscribe to their RSS feeds to get regular updates from them. The diverse guests bring a variety of perspectives from their experience in the industry, ranging from experts in MLOPS systems to pipeline specialists.

7. Screaming in the Cloud

Screaming in the Cloud

Tune in every Wednesday as host Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist at The Duckbill Group, airs news and experts’ views on developments at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP), Oracle Cloud, and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

Screaming in the Cloud episodes will explain why these developments are taking place and how you can use them in your own projects. Each episode ranges between 35 and 45 minutes, so you can listen to them on the go without sacrificing your work schedule.

8. AWS Podcast

AWS Podcast

The Official AWS podcast is a treasure trove of insights into trends, news, and feature launches. It covers a range of topics, including security, infrastructure, security, and serverless computing for IT professionals.

You’ll join your hosts, Hawn Nguyen-Loughren (Senior Manager at Solutions Architecture) and Simon Elisha (chief technologist) for expert interviews, updates, launches, and more insights to help you keep up with the latest in AWS-related solutions.

With over 569 episodes aired already, you won’t be running out of interesting takes, tips, and updates to savor.

AWS offers other listens, including Fix This, Startup Podcast, and AWS TechChat.

9. Cloud Unfiltered

Cloud Unfiltered

Cisco’s Cloud Unfiltered provides a series of interviews with cloud experts through SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Look forward to real-life insights from software engineers, open-source project leads, IT executives, and even cloud users. Host Michael Chenetz invites guests to deep-dive into different cloud management models, cloud architectures, and deployment strategies.

Cloud Unfiltered’s more than 136 episodes also cover platform compatibility, simplifying Kubernetes, DevSecOps, winning DevOps culture transformations, and complementary technologies that are enhancing cloud capabilities.

10. Day Two Cloud

Day Two Cloud

DevOps engineers know that Day Two refers to shipping or availing the product to the end user/customer. Once you launch the product, you turn a lot of your attention to monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing the solution and its dependencies.

Day Two Cloud episodes focus on this phase of the software development lifecycle for DevOps teams.

Hosts Ethan Banks (co-founder of Packet Pushers Interactive) and Ned Bellavance (Microsoft MVP and founder of Ned in the Cloud) chat with architects and engineers about developments, tips, and lessons in the public, private, multi-cloud, and hybrid clouds, as well as ongoing training and certifications for DevOps professionals like you.

11. CloudSkills.fm


Tune in to the CloudSkills.fm playlist when you want a source of advice and technical tips in the cloud-native space. This is a weekly podcast with host Mike Pfeiffer, a Microsoft Azure MVP and PluralSight author.

You can also combine the audio with CloudSkills’ Youtube videos to suit your learning style and provide variety.

Between the podcast and YouTube videos, you’ll have more than 200 episodes to learn from, which you can search through or sort by newest/oldest first. Topics are relevant to everyone, from CTOs looking for ways to hire great DevOps talent immediately to engineers looking to simplify their Kubernetes, Linux, and open-source developments.

12. The Cloud Pod

The Cloud Pod

With over 200 episodes to date, The Cloud Pod playlist features cloud insights in the form of news, interviews, and discussions about multi-cloud deployments.

Listen in if you want to stay up to date on matters of cloud computing technologies, DevOps best practices in the cloud, and cloud management strategies.

You’ll also explore the latest news in cloud security and announcements from AWS, GCP, Azure, and Kubernetes with hosts Justin (CEO of SaaS 11), Ryan (resident container expert - Amazon ECS, Kubernetes, and AWS Fargate), Peter (CTO at Foghorn Consulting), and Jonathan (serverless evangelist and first prize winner at the 2018 AWS re:Invent NPO Hackathon).

13. Serverless Chats

Serverless Chats

While the podcast hasn’t released new episodes since June 2022, the full list of 142 Serverless Chats episodes is available through your favorite podcast platform.

The episodes cover diverse perspectives on serverless computing, including the people and processes involved, plus productivity tips.

Co-hosts Rebecca Marshburn (former AWS Heroes coordinator) and Jeremy Daly (founder of Off-by-none) chat with knowledgeable guests in engaging shows that are sure to keep both the beginner and veteran DevOps engineer listening and learning.

14. Cloud Architects Podcast

Cloud Architects Podcast

It can be tough to find a high-quality podcast that isn’t all over the place and instead covers topics in a specific field.

The Cloud Architects podcast offers expert insights in Microsoft cloud technologies. The full list of episodes includes 79 talk shows covering best practices, tips, and news in partnership with their sponsor KEMP Technologies.

All three hosts are Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) with specialized strengths; Nicholas Blank (Office 365 and Azure), Warren du Toit (open-source solutions), and Chris Goosen (Microsoft solutions architect).

15. Cloudonaut Podcast

Cloudonaut Podcast

Cloudonaut launched over seven years ago to share knowledge for free on the Amazon Web Services ecosystem.

The team of two brothers delivers bi-weekly episodes, covering DevOps, container security, serverless, Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC), CI/CD, and AWS services (RDS, VPC, S3, etc).

Join Andreas and Michael Wittig to unbox or review new AWS services in under one hour of your time. The show also shares the lessons the two have learned the hard way so you don’t have to. They also provide code examples for IaC and Serverless use cases you can apply to your own projects.

16. On Cloud

On Cloud

The Deloitte on Cloud podcast brings together cloud professionals to discuss the technology, business, and DevOps culture you’ll require to thrive in the cloud.

The hosts, both published authors of multiple books, know their stuff as well; David Linthicum is the chief cloud strategy officer at Deloitte Consulting LLP while Mike Kavis is the managing director.

Expect in-depth and honest discussions on the state of cloud computing, DevOps tools, learned lessons, and more in these sub-30-minute episodes.

17. Go Time by Changelog

Go Time by Changelog

Changelog’s weekly podcast covers diverse topics relevant to the Go community, including Go, cloud infrastructure, microservices, distributed systems, Kubernetes (K8s), and Docker.

The show airs LIVE each Tuesday at 3pm, US Eastern. You can join and interact with the Golang community during the show and in the #gotimefm channel of Gophers via Slack.

The show’s panelists include Mat Ryer, Natalie Pistunovich, Jon Calhoun, Johnny Boursiquot, Kris Brandow, Angelica Hill, and Ian Lopshire.

18. Microsoft Cloud Show

Microsoft Cloud Show

Hosts Andrew Connell (Microsoft MVP since 2005) and Chris Johnson (Co-founder and CTO of Hyperfish) present their insights and experience on Microsoft cloud technologies from a developer's perspective.

The Microsoft Cloud Show covers the latest news, commentary, notes, and Q&As, including insider tips on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. The show has racked up over 450 episodes, which you can access and listen to with your favorite podcast app, from Spotify to Apple Podcasts to Google Podcasts.

19. VMware Communities Roundtable

VMware Communities Roundtable

With a full list of nearly 650 episodes, VMware’s Communities Roundtable is one of the most prolific podcasts for DevOps engineers in the virtualization space. The talk show has maintained a consistent live recording schedule each Wednesday at noon CA time.

It’s also popular for its “Late Night Show” vibe and each episode runs for about an hour. Recent talks have covered Augmented Reality, VMware Beta programs, and vSphere Core Storage.

20. DevOps Paradox

DevOps Paradox

Darin Pope, a developer advocate at CloudBees, and Viktor Farcic, a published author and member of Google Developer Experts and Docker Captains, talk about diverse cloud topics.

The show includes episodes on OpenTelemetry and Test-Driven Developments to staples like Kubernetes and CI/CD best practices. The latest episodes have discussed why companies stick to legacy systems (and how to get unstuck), writing test cases for microservices, and using OtterTune for automated database tuning.

21. Kubernetes Podcast with Google

Kubernetes Podcast with Google

This weekly podcast focuses on developments in the Kubernetes community with a great line-up of guests from the Cloud Native Community, Google, and others.

Your hosts are veteran Google engineers, including Kaslin Field (Developer Advocate at Google Cloud and Open-source Kubernetes contributor), Abdel Sghiouar (Cloud Developer Advocate at Google Cloud and expert in serverless, service mesh, and the Google Kubernetes Engine). You can also look forward to insights from the K8s community.

22. Ship It!

Ship It

Another insightful podcast from Changelog. Ship It! episodes focus on Day 0 and Day 1 operations of the DevOps pipeline.

You'll learn about software development best practices, developers' tools, and productivity hacks.

Guests share real-life experiences as well — such as Alex Sims, Solutions Architect at James & James, who shared his plans to migrate a monolithic PHP app running on Amazon EC2 to a more current architecture by using serverless, Amazon EKS, and incremental improvements in episode 49.

23. Azure DevOps Podcast

Azure DevOps Podcast

The Azure DevOps Podcast strives to help you ship software reliably and faster, easing your life as a Microsoft Azure DevOps professional.

It has aired more than 230 episodes, with guests from Microsoft, GitHub, Developer Express, .NET experts, and more.

Their hosts are Azure, enterprise apps, and Microsoft services experts, including Cynthia Kreng, Russell Young, Kendall Roden, Evan Basalik, Cale Teeter, and Sujit D’Mello. The show releases a new episode every week, accessible via Sticher, Apple Podcasts, and their social media channels.

What Next: Take Practical Steps To Optimize Your Cloud Spend

The more we talk to CTOs, FinOps professionals, and passionate DevOps engineers, the more we see their struggle to promote a cost-conscious culture among their technical staff. Many SaaS and technology companies are struggling to reduce cloud waste.

The most valuable DevOps engineers are those that treat cloud cost as a first-class metric.

By understanding how cloud spending impacts the bottom line and competitiveness of the entire organization, engineers can speak the same language as finance. Finance and engineers can then work together to maximize cloud value without spending millions on cloud providers.

CloudZero presents cloud cost insights in your engineers' language, helping you shift cost decisions left. Think granular and immediately actionable insights such as cost per product feature, customer, environment, project, dev team, Kubernetes cost analysis, and more.

That way, your technical team can tell how their architectural decisions, such as their choice of AWS instance types and sizes, impact your cloud costs. Your engineers also receive noise-free alerts about cost anomalies so they can prevent costly technical issues and decisions from going over your budget.

Schedule a demo today to see how CloudZero works!


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