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December 22, 2020

3 Things Gartner Says Are Difficult About Cost Management and Optimization That CloudZero Makes Easier

Earlier this year, Gartner published a report called “How to Manage and Optimize Costs of Public... Read More
December 18, 2020

What Gartner Gets Right About Cloud Cost Optimization (and Where They Miss)

Earlier this year, Gartner published “How to Manage and Optimize Costs of Public Cloud IaaS and... Read More
December 16, 2020

Cost per Tenant: A Key Part of the AWS Well-Architected Strategy SaaS Lens

Multi-tenancy is one of the key properties of any effective SaaS solution. It gives companies... Read More
December 4, 2020

What Is Profitable Innovation and How Can Your Business Achieve It?

In the context of businesses, the ultimate goal of innovation for technology companies is to... Read More
December 2, 2020

2020 State of DevOps Report: The Newest Metric To Make It Into the DevOps Evolution

Every year, I look forward to the release of the annual State of DevOps report (that’s the kind... Read More
November 20, 2020

What Is Cloud Cost Intelligence and Is It Right for Your Business?

If your business is growing, your AWS bill is probably growing with it. Read More
November 13, 2020

4 Ways Cloud Costs Should Influence Your SaaS Pricing and Product Roadmap Strategy

On a day-to-day basis, both engineering and product management in software companies involves... Read More
November 5, 2020

New CloudZero CRO Steve Lewis Shares Why Cloud Cost Management Is Ripe for Disruption

This month, I made the decision to join CloudZero as their new chief revenue officer — a choice... Read More

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