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November 4, 2020

How Our Roots in Observability Set Us up To Calculate Cost per Tenant on AWS

It’s safe to say that cost per tenant (also known as cost per customer) on AWS has been a... Read More
November 3, 2020

How 2020 Turned Cloud Unit Economics Upside Down

Do you know how much it costs to operate your software per customer, at each pricing tier? Read More
October 27, 2020

Introducing Automated Cost per Customer for SaaS Companies

If you’re a SaaS business — especially B2B — you know that your profitability can vary... Read More
October 13, 2020

SaaS Leaders: Do You Know Who Your Least Profitable Customers Are? Here Are 4 Reasons You Should

We might like to think we love our customers like we love our children — equally. And while we... Read More
October 8, 2020

AWS Cost Anomaly Detection: One Element of Cloud Cost Intelligence

Every decision that an engineer makes in the cloud impacts cost. Yet we know that engineers... Read More
October 5, 2020

Tracking Kubernetes Spend With CloudZero in 3 Easy Steps

If you are looking to account for your container costs and understand how your AWS Kubernetes or... Read More
September 28, 2020

Best Practices for Kubernetes Cost Optimization

If cost optimization is your only reason for adopting Kubernetes and containers, you might be in... Read More
September 15, 2020

Keeping Clean with CloudZero Dashboard: Our Latest Updates

Here at CloudZero, we’ve made some updates to our dashboard that we’re excited to share with you! Read More
September 4, 2020

Understanding the Complete Cloud Cost of Kubernetes

When organizations think about the relationship between Kubernetes and cloud costs, they often... Read More

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