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Helping Snowflake Customers Control Their Cost An Expert Witness

Early on in our journey as a company, CloudZero split with legacy data architecture, migrating to Snowflake and opening up a world of resource flexibility.

With the centralized, limitless processing power that Snowflake provided, our team could focus more energy on value-added work, less on managing inefficiencies. With a rapidly expanding customer base, Snowflake allowed us to maintain peak velocity, scaling without running into storage-based slowdowns.

Now, we’re taking it a step further in our partnership. I’m thrilled to announce that CloudZero is joining the Snowflake Partner Network as a Technology partner and Powered by Snowflake partner. CloudZero will be listed in the Powered by Snowflake (PbS) program directory, where you can learn more about our offering.

CloudZero is offering a cost solution for Snowflake, helping companies to scale efficiently in the Data Cloud. As more companies face an imperative to keep cloud spend visible, predictable, and manageable, CloudZero is poised to become a strong contributing partner.

Helping Snowflake Customers Control Their Cost

Like many Cloud Service Providers, Snowflake charges on a usage-based scale, which helps customers to align their costs with their business models. However, this requires proper visibility to ensure healthy unit economics as businesses scale.

So, by popular demand (and because, as a Snowflake customer, we understood the need firsthand) CloudZero developed Cloud Cost Intelligence for Snowflake. Working in tandem with our AWS solution, Cloud Cost Intelligence for Snowflake allows our customers to turn lump-sum cloud cost bills into detailed business insights. 

Now, CloudZero customers can map costs to architectural and technical decisions, understanding how specific products and features are contributing to their total spend. 

With detailed insights delivered in digestible dashboards and reports, Cloud Cost Intelligence for Snowflake helps businesses develop cultures of autonomy and cost-conscious engineering. Additionally, CloudZero sends relevant anomaly alerts and cost summaries to engineers in Slack and email, giving organizations peace of mind that their spending will stay in check, without sacrificing time-to-market.

One such customer is Ninjacat, a marketing performance management solution for agencies, brands, and media companies, who uses CloudZero to move quickly while controlling costs.  Their IT Manager explains, “Now that my Snowflake and AWS spend is organized according to our business, I can look at our different products and features and explore usage history and see what specifically is driving cost trends. I also get anomaly alerts, which gives us guardrails to move fast without overspending.” 

You can read more about their story here.


An Expert Witness

As Snowflake users ourselves, we realized that by only looking at AWS data, we had a blind spot in our view of COGS (cost of goods sold). Snowflake enabled tremendous flexibility — but to maximize its efficiency, we knew we needed a more detailed view.

CloudZero isn’t just a Snowflake user. We’ve developed the only way to analyze AWS spend alongside Snowflake spend, empowering customers to make educated forecasts and real-time adjustments

Gone are the days of static forecasts and reactive cost-cutting. An expert witness, CloudZero developed this solution based on a combination of firsthand experience and detailed customer feedback.

We’re proud to be joining an impressive list of Snowflake partner companies, and look forward to giving more great organizations the tools to build scalable, efficient products on Snowflake and AWS. More refined cloud spend data = richer business context, fodder for more proactive, accurate business decisions.

Learn more about CloudZero’s Cost Intelligence for Snowflake.

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