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How SeatGeek Decoded Its AWS Bill and Measured Cost Per Customer

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Guide: How To Overcome Tagging And Accelerate Cloud Cost Allocation

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The 8 Best FP&A Software Solutions Every Finance Team Should Be Using

Discover the best FP&A software for managing cloud spend, budgeting and forecasting, payroll processing, accounting, and more.

Is your current cloud cost tool giving you the cost intelligence you need?  Most tools are manual, clunky, and inexact. Discover how CloudZero takes a new  approach to organizing your cloud spend.Click here to learn more.

The right FP&A software can help you and your finance teams to better analyze, plan, and budget business activities. Thus enabling finance to maintain a more forward-looking vision. 

The software featured in this guide are specialized in nature and provide solutions to address different aspects of a business such as cloud cost optimization, accounting, payroll, budgeting, and forecasting.

Table Of Contents

Cloud Cost Management Software

As software and tech companies are increasingly built in the cloud, cost optimization has become a major issue for many organizations. While cloud providers like AWS offer flexibility and easy scaling, cloud costs can be opaque and difficult to track.

To make matters worse, Kubernetes, shared costs in multi-tenant applications, and non-taggable AWS spend can all make allocating costs difficult. These software solutions can help you make sense of your cloud spend.

1. CloudZero

CloudZero is a full-fledged cloud cost intelligence platform for SaaS and tech brands. 

With CloudZero, FP&A and finance teams can easily understand unit costs to inform business decisions — like how to price different tiers or which features to include in each tier. 

They can also tell what and who is driving their cloud spend and why. Unlike most cloud cost management tools, CloudZero translates cloud metrics into actionable cost insights that connect to your daily business activities. 

For finance, CloudZero can be especially useful to help you gain:

Get the answers you need to enhance innovation, flexibility, speed, and efficiency without overspending. Schedule a demo here.


Upon Request

2. Harness Cloud Cost Management (HCCM)


Harness Cloud Cost Management (HCCM) is a cloud cost management system that helps slash the cost of cloud management by up 75%.

Using the Intelligent Cloud Auto Stopping feature, HCCM helps you control costs by dynamically shutting down idle resources. Moreover, it offers a complete Cloud Cost BI solution where you can monitor data, resource, database, and other usage. Plus using HCCM you can schedule reports, and create custom notifications and alerts.

HCCM provides services for all the major cloud services such as AWS, Kubernetes, Jenkins, etc.


Upon Request

3. KubeCost


KubeCost mainly provides cloud cost management for major cloud-based environments like Kubernetes, AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc. 

With KubeCost you can reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure by 30-50% and CFOs can monitor and analyze the cost and receive customized recommendations based on the environment and behavior.


Team (Free), Business ($449/month - 100 nodes), Enterprise (Upon Request)

Accounting Software

4. Intuit QuickBooks Online


Finance teams can use QuickBooks to fetch important accounting details about their overall financial performance. Moreover, since it connects directly to your bank accounts, decision-makers have real-time information about their overall cash balances so that they can plan ahead in the future.

Furthermore, QuickBooks allows you to create and send invoices, manage bills, receive and collect payments so you can manage your A/P and A/R right from within QuickBooks thus providing you a better grasp over your cash flow situation.


Simple Start ($8/month), Essential ($12.50/month), Plus ($17/month)

5. NetSuite Cloud Accounting


NetSuite Cloud Accounting provides a comprehensive accounting solution ideal for medium to large-sized businesses. 

Using NetSuite, finance leaders can generate rich and interactive reports of their overall accounting and financial performance. While the rules-based accounting approach makes the data entry process a lot simpler, thus more efficient, NetsSuite can automate and streamline the A/P and A/R processes as well as manage the local or international tax situation.


Upon Request

Budgeting & Forecasting Software

The route to better planning and forecasting always starts from budgeting. If you want to plan well for the future, you need a “yard-stick” to compare performance and a budget serves as that tool.

Although a budget itself is a forecasting tool, in order to generate individual forecasting reports such as the cash flow forecast, forecasted income statement, budgeted CAPEX report, etc. The data from the budget is carried forward to these individual reports.

Therefore, a good budgeting and forecasting software solution should be able to draw a budget based on historical data with minimum human intervention and then drive these individual forecasting reports.

6. Vena


Vena Budgeting & Forecasting software speeds up your budget creation process by automating the whole process. It identifies key cost drivers and creates budgets using that information.

The best thing about Vena is its Excel-based interface. Since Excel is used by almost all financial experts, it’s relatively easy to use its interface.

Coming to forecasting, all that Vena needs to create a real-time, long-term forecast is data based on a single source of truth and finance teams will be able to perform deeper analysis based on these forecasts. 


Upon Request

Payroll Processing Software

Finance teams need the best payroll processing software not only to process payroll of their employees but also to ensure compliance and timely filings of the necessary state and federal tax forms.

In turn, these software solutions ensure cost-savings in terms of data entry as well as tax payments as they keep track of the tax credits and deferred tax payments, thus helping them plan for the future.

7. Gusto


Gusto is a popular payroll processing platform that processes and pays the payroll of businesses. Along with that, it also tracks, files, and pays the related payroll taxes.

In addition to performing auto calculations to eliminate error and reduce data entry costs, Gusto also offers integrations with major accounting software so the financial leaders can integrate data from Gusto to their accounting platforms to review and plan for the future.

Additionally, finance teams can generate reports related to the tax credits and taxes deferrals to keep track of all the savings.


Core ($39/month + $6 per person), Complete ($39/month + $12 per person), Concierge ($149/month + $12 per person)

8. ADP


ADP Payroll is an online platform that offers payroll processing services to small, medium, and even large-sized businesses. 

ADP aids not only in payroll processing through automation, it also keeps track of all your taxes and relevant credits available on behalf of employees. Plus, it integrates with the major accounting platforms so decision-makers can take actionable steps using the information right from within their accounting platforms


Upon Request

FP&A Software To Make Sense Of Your Cloud Spend

The role of finance has become more forward-looking as well as more challenging as FP&A teams increasingly have to keep track of the activities that occur in all departments and be able to analyze them from a financial perspective.

The above FP&A software solutions allow teams to collect data from different sources, weave them together, and then analyze the bigger picture.

When it comes to budgeting, forecasting, and better understanding your cloud costs, CloudZero is the solution that can help you make sense of your spend. 

Finance can easily translate cloud metrics into cloud investment insights, such as cost per customer and cost per project. Leadership can analyze COGS and unit cost economics to make strategic decisions that increase competitiveness and profitability. Engineering can even set cost anomaly alerts to prevent overspending — and better report on spend to finance.

Request a demo today to see how CloudZero can help uplevel your FP&A operations.


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