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1. Tags Are A Pain, We Don’t Rely On Them 2. Kubernetes Won’t Break Us  3. Engineers Can Use CloudZero Without A Degree In Cloud Cost Management 4. Drill Down Into Your Cloud Costs Like Never Before 5. All Those “Impossible” Metrics? That’s Our Bread And Butter 6. Cloud Cost Experts You Can Rely On CloudZero Empowers Engineering And Finance Teams To Succeed

As a cloud cost intelligence platform, we spend nearly every day talking to companies about their cloud cost — and there’s something we’ve noticed — people don’t generally have the warm and fuzzies for their cloud cost management tools.

You know, the ones that have been around for a while, that you use to build reports about your cloud spend? We won’t refer to them by name.

These popular tools have really given the whole category a bit of a bad rap. In fact, when we kick off conversations with engineering teams at cloud companies, we often get a number of objections about why they have little interest in yet another cost tool. 

  • They don’t have time to manage a tool. 
  • They’ll look at cost tools when they finally get around to fixing their tags (they swear — it’s on their backlog). 
  • They have already poured countless hours into building out reports and dashboards and can’t fathom doing it again. 
  • They’ve got it covered (with three FTEs splicing together cost). 

And the one we hear a lot lately? They’ve given up on those other tools and are just making do with Amazon’s free tools. It’s the best they can do.

We’d like to clear something up: We’re not them. 

In fact, we intentionally designed CloudZero to not be all the things that make you feel, well, the-opposite-of-love towards your cloud cost management platform.

Here are just a few of the reasons to give CloudZero a chance, even if you’ve sworn off cloud cost management tools forever. 

1. Tags Are A Pain, We Don’t Rely On Them

We take a unique approach that lets you group your cloud spend into the costs you care about without tagging. Learn more about how we do this here.


2. Kubernetes Won’t Break Us 

We hear these other tools sometimes get a bit squirrely when the K-word comes up. We specialize in aligning cost to whatever business dimensions you care about, whether you’re on Kubernetes or not — and we’ll even marry together your containerized and non-containerized infrastructure.

Modernize Your Stack

With Kubernetes cost intelligence, you won’t have to break the news to your CFO that you can no longer give them all the reports they love and rely on just because you’ve modernized.

3. Engineers Can Use CloudZero Without A Degree In Cloud Cost Management

We’ve designed our entire user experience with engineers in mind — enabling engineering teams to get cost in the dimensions they need without any specialized knowledge. 

Engineers can easily explore costs, see how costs map to specific products or features, and share specific cost views with other team members.

Empower Dev TeamsAdditionally, with CloudZero’s cost anomaly alerts, engineers receive Slack updates that notify them of important cost fluctuations so they can quickly click in and identify what caused the change. 

4. Drill Down Into Your Cloud Costs Like Never Before

Those other tools don’t allow you to switch between high-level trends and the nitty-gritty detail you need. CloudZero enables engineers to zoom in and zoom out on their cloud costs — and see exactly what’s driving their costs and why.

Explore And Manage Costs

Our customers tell us we’re a delight to use. Just ask ResponseTap and Malwarebytes, who moved off other tools to CloudZero.

“CloudZero helps us connect the dots between our products and our spend — and zoom in and out with very little effort.” – Greg Farrow, Principal Technical Architect at Malwarebytes.

5. All Those “Impossible” Metrics? That’s Our Bread And Butter

We often hear that cost per tenant, cost per customer, unit cost, and other metrics are “really difficult to get” — and most companies end up guessing to a certain extent. The companies who do it well, generally have five to 10 engineers dedicated to the cause. 

We decided if we were going to go through the trouble to found a company, we should probably pick a pretty hard problem — since most companies don’t disrupt whole categories by picking the easy ones.

CloudZero lets you measure and monitor specific unit costs like cost per customer, feature, product, dev team, and more.

CloudZero Cost Per Customer

For instance, CloudZero’s Cost Per Customer report allows teams to see how individual customers drive their cloud spend and how specific customers drive their feature costs.

6. Cloud Cost Experts You Can Rely On

Our team of experts will help you adopt best practices from top SaaS companies in a fraction of the time. When you start using CloudZero, you’ll be assigned a Cost Intelligence Analyst, who will partner with you to meet your goals. 

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill customer success representative. Our analysts are all experts in cloud cost who work with other top SaaS companies, like Malwarebytes or SeatGeek. They’ll bring tried and tested best practices to you — giving you the cost visibility, peace of mind, and expertise you need. Learn how our Cost Intelligence Team can help you get up to speed.

“The level of support and engagement we get from the CloudZero team has been great. It helps us focus on the right areas and gives us access to experts when we need it, which saves us time and sets us in the right direction.” – Adam Walker, VP of Infrastructure and Security at Validity.

CloudZero Empowers Engineering And Finance Teams To Succeed

CloudZero is not your traditional cloud cost management tool. We’re a full cloud cost intelligence platform, purpose-built for engineering teams to make informed product decisions — as well as have successful conversations with finance about their cloud spend.

We’ve helped customers like SeatGeek, Drift, Remitly, and more to optimize their cloud spend, identify cost per customer, decentralize cost to engineers, and answer any finance questions about cloud costs. To see CloudZero in action, .